3. Contributing to PyBluez

This project is not currently under active development.

Contributions are strongly desired to resolve compatibility problems on newer systems, address bugs, and improve platform support for various features. Here are some guidelines to follow.

3.1. Compatibility Issues

Please submit compatiblity issues by opening an issue explaining the problem clearly and providing information necessary to reproduce the issue, including sample code and logs.

If you have long logs, please post them on https://gist.github.com and link to the Gist in your issue.

3.2. Bugs

Please submit bug reports by opening an issue explaining the problem clearly using code examples.

3.3. Coding


Develop PyBluez coding standards and style guides.

3.4. Documentation

The documentation source lives in the docs folder. Contributions to the documentation are welcome but should be easy to read and understand. All source documents are in restructured text format.


Develop PyBluez documentation standards and style guides.

3.5. Commit messages and pull requests

Commit messages should be concise but descriptive, and in the form of an instructional patch description (e.g., “Add macOS support” not “Added macOS support”).

Commits which close, or intend to close, an issue should include the phrase “fix #234” or “close #234” where #234 is the issue number, as well a short description, for example: “Add logic to support Win10, fix #234”. Pull requests should aim to match or closely match the corresponding issue title.

3.6. Copyrights

By submitting to this project you agree to your code or documentation being released under the projects license. Copyrights on submissions are owned by their authors. Feel free to append your name to the list of contributors in contributors.rst found in the projects docs folder as part of your pull request!